Monthly Calendar

Liturgical Program and Event Calendar for the Months of April and May:

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Unless specified otherwise, Orthros (Matins) begin at 9:00 A.M. and are followed by the Divine Liturgy at 10:15 A.M.


Sunday, April 7.  Sunday of St. John Climacus; Fourth Sunday of Great Lent.  Sts. Calliopus and Akylina the Martyrs. St. Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow & Enlightener of North America.

Epistle: Hebrews 6:13-20; Gospel: Mark 9:17-31 (pp. 141-2) [Can only be cast out by prayer & fasting]

10:00 am Divine Liturgy

Friday, April 12.  Akathist Hymn 6:30 pm.  St. Basil the Confessor, Bishop of Parium.

Sunday, April 14.  Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt; Fifth Sunday of Great Lent;  Sts. Aristarchus, Pudens, Trophimus the Apostles of the 70.  St. Thomais the Martyr of Alexandria.

Epistle: Hebrews 9:11-14; Gospel: Mark 10:32-45 (pp. 141-2) [First to be servant of all]

10:00 am Divine Liturgy

Sunday, April 21. Palm Sunday: The Glorious Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem.  The Holy Hieromartyr Januarius and Those With Him.  Our Holy Father Maximian, Patriarch of Constantinople.

Epistle: Philipians 4:4-9; Gospel: John 12:1-18 (pp. 145-7) [Entry of Lord into Jerusalem]

9:00 am Orthros/10:15 am Divine Liturgy

Monday, April 22. Holy Monday: Bridegroom Matins: 6:30 pm.   St. Theodore of Sykeon.

Tuesday, April 23. Holy Tuesday: Bridegroom Matins: 6:30 pm.   St. George the Great Martyr.

Wednesday, April 24. Holy Wednesday: Holy Unction: 6:30 pm.   St. Elizabeth the Wonderworker.

Thursday, April 25. Holy Thursday: Passion Gospels: 6:30 pm.  St. Mark the Apostle & Evangelist.

Friday, April 26. Holy Friday:Vespers/Taking Down from Cross: 2:00 pm;

Lamentations: 6:30 pm.  St. Basil the Holy Martyr Bishop of Amasea.

Saturday, April 27. Holy Saturday: The Holy Hieromartyr Symeon, Kinsman of the Lord.

Epistle: Romans 6:3-11; Gospel: Matthew 28:1-20 [Resurrection]

10:00 am Divine Liturgy

11:30 pm. Midnight Paschal Service /Divine Liturgy/ Paschal Breakfast

GREAT AND HOLY PASCHA (Easter Sunday) April 28.   The Holy Nine Martyrs of Cyzicus.  John the Martyr of Romania.

Epistle: Acts: 1-8; Gospel: John 1:1-17 (pp. 45-6) [In the Beginning was the Word...]



Sunday, May 5. Sunday of Thomas. Great Martyr Irene.  

Epistle: Acts 5:12-20; Gospel: John 20:19-31 (pp. 46-48) [Doubting Thomas]

10:00 am Divine Liturgy

Sunday, May 12. Sunday of Myrrh-bearing Women. St. Epiphanius of Cyprus.

Epistle: Acts 6:1-7; Gospel: Mark 15:43-7 (pp. 48-50) [Myrrh-bearing Women at Tomb]

10:00 am Divine Liturgy        

Sunday, May 19. Sunday of the Paralytic.  Hieromartyr Patrick of Prussia.

Epistle: Acts 9:32-42; Gospel: John 5:1-15 (pp. 50-52) [Healing of Paralytic]

10:00 am Divine Liturgy               

Sunday, May 26. Sunday of the Samaritan Woman.  Sts. Carpos & Alphaeus of the 70.

Epistle: Acts: 11:19-30; Gospel: John 4:5-42 (pp. 52-56) [Samaritan Woman at Well]

10:00 am Divine Liturgy