Articles and Sermons

The following links contain sermons, newspaper articles, theological translations by the former parish priest of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Wilkes-Barre, the late Father George Dimopoulos (1929-2012). To view excerpts from the book "Orthodox Sermons" written by Father George, please click here.

2nd Sunday of Matthew: The Fishers of Men (from "Words of Life"): English

Sunday of All Saints (from "Words of Life"): English

Sunday of the Blind Man (from "Words of Life"): English

Sunday of the Paralytic (from "Orthodox Sermons"): English

The "Last Judgment" (from "Orthodox Sermons"): English

Prodigal Son (from "Orthodox Sermons"): English

Publican and Pharisee (from "Orthodox Sermons"): English

Triodion (from "Orthodox Sermons"): English

Father George's Last Sermon (intended for Sunday, October 28, 2012): GreekEnglish

"Not the End but Perfection" (2012): English

Reflection of Father George's Priesthood: English

2012 Church Dinner Dance Article: GreekEnglish

October 2012 Parish Bulletin: GreekEnglish

Holy Apostle Peter Sermon: GreekEnglish

All Saints Day Sermon: GreekEnglish

Summer 2012 Parish Bulletin: GreekEnglish

May 29, 1453: A Lamentable Day: Greek

Pascha 2012 Bulletin: GreekEnglish

Sunday of Orthodoxy Sermon: English

Church Attendance Sermon: English

Triodion Bulletin: GreekEnglish

January 2012 Parish Bulletin: GreekEnglish

"A Tribute to Metropolitan Maximos" — Orthodox Observer — December 2011

The Birth of Christ Play: English

Christmas 2011 Sermon: GreekEnglish

December 2011 Parish Bulletin: GreekEnglish

October 2011 Parish Bulletin: English

September 2011 Parish Bulletin: English

Holy Transfiguration Sermon: English

August 2011 Parish Bulletin: English

4th Sunday of Matthew Sermon: GreekEnglish

Pentecost 2011 Sermon: GreekEnglish

June 2011 Parish Bulletin: GreekEnglish

Sunday of the Holy Myrrh-Bearers Sermon: English

Pascha 2011 Sermon: GreekEnglish

Royal Hours Sermon: English

Holy Tuesday 2011 Sermon: GreekEnglish